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General Reference

Fitzhugh, Terrick V.H. The Dictionary of Genealogy: A Guide to British Ancestry Research. This dictionary contains descriptions and locations of the historical records of interest to genealogists. It includes explanations of obsolete terms, translations of the most-used Latin documents, and details about numerous family history societies.

MacLennan, Malcolm. Gaelic Dictionary.

Martin, Charles Trice. The Record Interpreter: A Collection of Abbreviations, Latin Words and Names Used in English Historical Manuscripts and Records. This book is a standard reference work, a "must" if you are reading old documents. It contains sections on Latin abbreviations; French Abbreviations; Glossary of Latin Words; Latin Names of Places; Latin names of Bishoprics in England, Scotland, and Ireland; Latin forms of English surnames; and Latin Christian names.

Richardson, John. The Local Historian's Encyclopedia provides the local historian and genealogist with basic information on a wide range of subjects including: land and agriculture; local community and its administration; taxes, services, rents, rates, and other dues; archaeology; education; social welfare; law and order; public utilities and services; transport; religion; the local militia; architecture; place names; coins and tokens; heraldry; trade, commerce, and industry; and bibliography. This book contains a wealth of difficult-to-locate information.

Saul, Pauline. The Family Historian's Enquire Within.

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