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Rolls, Indexes, Pension Books

British Military and Naval Records: Muster Rolls include military records of Loyalists in the American Revolutionary War. They are housed at the National Archives of Canada. They are on microfilm, FHL films 0928940 - 0928947; 1689400 - 1689403. These records are indexed in the Index to British Military Records "C" Series below.

Index to British Military Records "C" Series 1757-1896 Located at the National Archives of Canada are records maintained by British forces stationed in North America. They include some muster rolls of American Loyalist regiments 1777-1783. The first FHL film number is 1683760.

List of Records of Disbanded Militia Regiments for transmission to the custody of the Master of the Rolls : The records of disbanded Militia Regiments of some English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh units are on 141 microfilms beginning with FHL film number 0917951.

Pension Records: At the time of discharge from the army, a soldier would be examined and discharged at one of two hospitals: the Royal Hospital Chelsea or the Royal Hospital Kilmainham. Check the Chelsea records first and if your ancestor is not found, then check the Kilmainham records.

Royal Hospital (Chelsea, London) Pension Records: The Chelsea Regimental Registers are lists of soldiers discharged to pension. They are arranged by the regiments in which the soldier last served and by admission to the hospital. They give the award date and rate of pension. They are on 31 microfilms, numbered from 0854645 to 0854672 and 0852020 to 0852022. [Computer No. 0383327.]  James D. Becket created an index to part of the records for the period 1806 - 1838 and these indexes are on FHL films 1544780 and 1595009.

Royal Hospital (Kilmainham, Dublin) Pension Books (1759-1863) are arranged in chronological order. The British Isles Family History Society - U.S.A. is in the process of indexing these records. They are on FHL microfilms 0867585 to 0868534.

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