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Apprentice Books of Great Britain: By an Act of 1710, a stamp duty was imposed on apprenticeship indentures. The tax records are in the Apprentice Books of Great Britain and give the name of the apprentice, address, name of the father, and name and trade of the master. The index to apprentices for the years 1710-1774 is on FHL,films 0477624 - 0477635. The index to masters 1710-1762 is on FHL films 0477636 - 0477637. If the stamp duty was paid in London (regardless of the location of the apprenticeship) the details will be recorded in the Town Registers. Otherwise they will be recorded in County Registers. Inland Revenue Town and County Registers are on FHL films 0824662 - 0824683; 0838740 - 0838850; 0841361.

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