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Genetic genealogy (or Anthrogenealogy) applies the science of molecular biology to understanding human evolution and the family tree of man. The discipline is moving ahead by leaps and bounds. Here we provide a few links that will be of assistance to those interested learning the basics or keeping abreast of developments.

Context Info contains a wealth of information on DNA, molecular biology, and genetic genealogy. A primer on the science of DNA, the site covers everything from basic chemistry to the genetic variations that define the branches of the human family tree.
The Genetic Learning Science Center at University of Utah has published an online primer on DNA and genetics at Learn.Genetics.
An excellent general introduction to ancestral research the DNA way can be found at
Kerchner's DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy Info and Resources serves up a copious selection of references and links covering everything from terminology and basics to technical aspects of interpretation and databases.
The International Society of Genetic Genealogy website has a resources page with information on DNA basics, discussion groups, online journals and books for anyone wishing to explore the application of human genetics to family history research.
Many British Isles project members have joined the project as a result of their participation in the National Geographic Society's Genographic Project. The Genographic Project website provides an excellent introduction to the human family tree and genetic research.  The testing for the Genographic Project is carried out by Family Tree DNA. How this is done and what project members can expect from their tests are explained on the Family Tree DNA website.
Answers to basic questions about DNA and genetic genealogy can be found on the Family Tree DNA Frequently Asked Questions page. Other FTDNA resources that provide basic and technical information are the Inheritance Chart page, the Recommended Books page, and the DNA Tutorial. A good place to start reading about DNA is the FTDNA Tutorial Links page. Guidelines for selecting a level of YDNA test are to be found on the How Many to Test? page.
A superb trio of websites has been developed by Tyrone Bowes to assist researches seeking their British Isles origins. Dr. Bowes has devised an ingenious method for locating the place of origin of the first person in a lineage to adopt a surname, or genetic homeland. The method involves noting surnames with near matches, and comparing their distribution in the 1881 census. For more information, see the descriptions, case studies and instructional videos at Scottish Orignes, Irish Origines, and English Origines.


















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