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Census Records and Census Substitutes

The first civil census taken in Ireland was in 1813. It no longer exists. Thereafter, the census was taken every ten years from 1821 through 1911. Small parts of the 1821, 1831, 1841, and 1851 census still exist, but the 1861 through 1891 census returns were routinely destroyed within about two years after the census was taken and analyzed. They had been destroyed years before the fire in Four Courts in 1922. See "Irish Census Returns" in Donal F Begley, Irish Genealogy: A Record Finder for a list by county of surviving returns. The only virtually 100% complete Irish census returns are those for 1901 and 1911. The 1,173 rolls of film of the 1901 census [See Computer No. 0339917] are available through the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. The 1911 census returns for Ireland has also been microfilmed.

Census Extracts for the 1821 - 1841 censuses of Ireland are on film 0100158. You can order surviving census records on the following films:

Irish Census Fragments


Census Year

Microfilm Numbers

1821 0597154 - 0597158; 0597733 - 0597736
1831 0597160 - 0597163
1841 0100831 - 0100838
1851 0597143 - 0597153; 0597107 - 0597113

The 1831 census fragments are for County Londonderry only. The 1841 Census is only for Killeshandra Parish, County Cavan. They are indexed on compact disc Census Index: County Londonderry, 1831 & County Cavan, 1841. The McLean Family History Center has this CD and also all of the 1831 census films for Co. Londonderry. The 1851 census fragments are only for County Antrim.

Thrift's Census Abstracts: In addition to the census fragments above, there are census abstracts compiled by genealogist Gertrude Thrift before the destruction of the records. Her abstracts are from 1821, 1841, and 1851 census records. They are found on FHL film 0596418. There is an index to Thrift's abstracts on microfiche 6035573. The four-digit number to the left of each index entry refers you to the abstract number on film 0596418.

The General Alphabetical Index to the Townlands and Towns of Ireland for the 1901 census is on film 0865092.

The Ireland 1901 Census Street Index is on fiche 6035493 - 6035495.

Householders Index: The Householders Index is a surname index to the Irish Tithe Applotment Books and to Griffith's Primary Valuation. Chapter 4 "Land Records" in John Grenham, Tracing Your Irish Ancestors describes the records. The Family History Library has produced a Resource Guide The Ireland Householders Index that tells step-by-step how to use this index. The Guide is available for purchase at FAmily History Centers. In addition, it available for download at The counties of Ireland are arranged in alphabetical order in the Householders Index on films 0919001 through 0919007.

Tithe Applotment Books were compiled during the period from about 1823 to 1838. The Tithe Applotment Books for the Republic of Ireland are on 140 rolls of film 0256560 to 0256699. The Tithe Applotment Books for Northern Ireland are on films 0258443 to 0258470. In addition to the Householders Index, the Tithe Applotment Books for Northern Ireland have an every name index that is much easier to use. The index is on compact disc.

Griffith's Primary Valuation was published between 1848 and 1864. Revisions to the valuations showing updates to the occupiers and their property were recorded until modern decades. The Resource Guide The Ireland Householders Index states: "Griffith's Primary Valuation Lists consist of 22 rolls of microfilm. They are arranged by county and then by union and barony." The referenced 22 rolls of microfilm are 0844975 - 0844996. However, these are only for the Republic of Ireland. There is a separate series of valuation rolls for Northern Ireland. Although Griffith's is arranged by poor law union, the FHL has compiled a list by civil parish on fiche 6026722. Griffith's Valuation has been indexed on compact disc. This index is not complete, so if you don't find your ancestor's name, use the Householders Index or the index at

Griffith's Primary Valuation



Microfilm Numbers

Northern Ireland 0258749 - 0258758
Republic of Ireland 0844975 - 0844996

Ireland Old Age Pension Claims used the 1841 and 1851 census returns as proof of age when those records still existed. You can order the census abstracts for Old Age Pension Claims held at the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland are on microfilms 0258525 to 0258548. These records are indexed in Josephine Masterson, Ireland 1841/1851 Census Abstracts (Republic of Ireland) and in Josephine Masterson, Ireland 1841-1851 Census Abstracts (Northern Ireland). Both books are on the compact disc, Genealogical Records: Irish Source Records 1500s -1800s.

There are many earlier censuses and census substitutes. The following are some examples:

Irish Flax Growers, 1796 (also known as Spinning Wheel Entitlement List) is on film 1419442. The index is on compact disc.

A List of Freeholders in Ireland: 1760-1788 is on film 0100181. See the Family History Library Catalog for the list of places covered.

Religious Census of 1766 includes members of all faiths and is from transcripts of Tenison Groves. Volume I covers Tyrone, Londonderry, Antrim, Fermanagh, and Tipperary. Volume II covers Longford, Louth, Meath, Kings, Wicklow, Cork, Limerick, Armagh, Dublin, Wexford, and Cavan. It is on film 0100173, items 1 and 2.

1659 census is on film 0924648.

Muster Roll of Ulster Army of 1642, on film 0897012.

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