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Land Records

Deed Registries were established for Middlesex and Yorkshire (but not elsewhere in England) in the early eighteenth century. The Index to Middlesex Deeds 1709-1800 is on 12 rolls of film; FHL numbers 230638 - 230648; 415362. Land records for Yorkshire have also been microfilmed. The first film number of the North Riding land records is FHL film 554717; East Riding starts with FHL film 1595601, and West Riding records start with FHL film 1471855.

Land Tax Assessments of England and Wales, while not actually land records, are taxes assessed since 1693 on all land valued over an annual rent of 20 shillings. The proprietor's name, occupier's name, and tax are listed.  The complete Land Tax Assessments for 1798 are on 64 reels of film;  FHL numbers 1483001 - 1483064.

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