Administrative Histories

Part I of the Current Guide contains administrative histories of the institutions that created the record classes. You can get an understanding of each institution by reading this section.

This list of institutions is NOT included with the Current Guide on FHL microfiche #6092282. If your local Family History Center has the Kew Lists on microfiche, please print a copy of this list for the Family History Center.



101 Privy Council Office

102 Cabinet Office

103 Committee of Imperial Defence

104 Prime Minister's Office

105 Ministry of Reconstruction 1917-1919

106 Minister of Reconstruction 1943 to 1945

107 Lord President of the Council

108 Lord Privy Seal

109 Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

110 Paymaster General

111 Minister without Portfolio

112 Secretaries of State

113 Lord Steward's Department

114 Lord Chamberlain's Department

115 Privy Purse Office

116 Works Departments

117 Civil Service Department

118 Civil Service Pay Research Unit

119 General Register Office

120 Government Social Survey Department

121 Office of Population Censuses and Surveys

122 Information Departments

123 Stationery Office

124 Copyright Office

125 Public Record Office

126 State Paper Office

127 Parliamentary Counsel's Office

128 Management and Personnel Office


201 Treasury

202 Exchequer and Audit Department

203 Paymaster General's Office

204 Government Actuary's Department

205 National Insurance Audit Department

206 Royal Mint

207 Board of Inland Revenue

208 Board of Stamps and Taxes

209 Board of Stamps

210 Board of Taxes

211 Lottery Office

212 Hackney Coach Commissioners

213 Hawkers' and Pedlars' Commissioners

214 Wine Licence Commissioners and Wine Licence Office

215 Board of Customs and Excise

216 Board of Customs

217 Board of Excise

218 National Debt Office

219 National Savings Committee and Department

220 Public Works Loan Board

221 Irish Sailors' and Soldiers' Land Trust

222 War Damage Commission

223 Department of Economic Affairs

224 National Incomes Commission

225 National Board for Prices and Incomes

226 Office of Manpower Economics

227 Department of Prices and Consumer Protection

228 Office of Fair Trading

229 Consumer Council

230 National Investment and Loans Office

231 National Economic Development Council


301 Exchequer

302 Court of First Fruits and Tenths

303 Courts of Augmentations and General Surveyors

304 Office of Queen Anne's Bounty

305 Special Collections

306 Chancery

307 Privy Seal Office

308 Signet Office

309 Alienation Office

310 Court of the Common Pleas

311 Court of King's Bench

312 Justices Itinerant

313 Clerks of Assize

314 Court of Requests

315 Court of Wards and Liveries

316 Court of Star Chamber

317 Court of Bankruptcy

318 High Court of Admiralty

319 High Court of Delegates

320 Prerogative Court of Canterbury

321 Inns of Court

322 Palace Court and Marshalsea

323 Fleet Prison

324 Palatinate of Chester

325 The Palatinate of Durham

326 Palatinate of Lancaster

327 Duchy of Lancaster

328 Court of the Honour of Peveril

329 Supreme Court of Judicature

330 Central Criminal Court

331 County Courts

332 Lord Chancellor's Office

333 Law Officers' Department

334 Treasury Solicitor and HM Procurator General's Department

335 Director of Public Prosecutions

336 Judge Advocate General's Office

337 Law Commission

338 Council on Tribunals

339 Lands Tribunal

340 Registry of Friendly Societies

341 Charity Commissioners

342 Land Registry

343 Public Trustee Office

344 Certification Office for Trade Unions and Employer's Associations

345 Judicial Committee of the Privy Council

346 Court for the Consideration of Crown Cases Reserved

347 Court of Probate

348 Court for Divorce and Matrimonial Causes

349 Restrictive Practices Court

350 National Industrial Relations Court

351 Courts-Martial Appeal Court

352 Principality of Wales

353 Marcher Lords hips of Wales

354 Council in the Marches of Wales

355 Courts of Great Sessions of Wales

356 Legal Services Ombudsman


401 Home Office

402 Irish Office

403 Northern Ireland Office

404 Welsh Office

405 Metropolitan Police Office

406 Prison Commission

407 Lunacy Commission and Board of Control

408 Poor Law Commission and Board

409 General Board of Health

410 Local Government Board

411 National Health Insurance Commissions and Joint Committee

412 Ministry of Health

413 Ministry of Town and Country Planning

414 Ministry of Local Government and Planning and Ministry of Housing and Local Government

415 Department of the Environment

416 Assistance Boards

417 Ministry of Pensions

418 Ministry of National Insurance

419 Ministry of Pensions and National Insurance

420 Ministry of Social Security

421 Department of Health and Social Security

422 Pensions Appeal Tribunals

423 Railway Assessment Authority

424 Parliamentary Boundary Commissions for England and Wales

425 Local Government Boundary Commissions (England and Wales)

426 Location of Offices Bureau

427 Offices of the National Insurance Commissioners and the Social Security Commissioners

428 Supplementary Benefits Commission

429 Immigrant and Race Relations Committees, Commissions, and Board

430 Medical Research Committee and Medical Research Council

431 United Kingdom Central Council for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting

432 Commission for Local Administration in England


501 Agriculture Departments

502 Agricultural Research Council

503 Ministry of Food 1916 to 1921

504 Ministry of Food 1939 to 1955

505 Ordnance Survey

506 Copyhold Inclosure and Tithe Commission

507 Tithe Redemption Commission

508 Commissioners of Forfeited Estates

509 Office of Woods, Forests and Land Revenues

510 Office of Land Revenue Records and Enrolments

511 Commissioners of Crown Lands and Crown Estate Commissioners

512 Forestry Commission

513 Development Commission

514 Central Land Board

515 Land Commission 1967 to 1971

516 Ministry of Land and Natural Resources

517 Countryside Commission

518 Nature Conservancy, Nature Conservancy Council and English Nature


601 Board of Trade

602 Patent Office

603 Export Credits Guarantee Department

604 Ministry of Shipping 1917-1921

605 Ministry of Shipping 1939-1941

606 Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen

607 Ministry of Materials

608 Department of Trade

609 Department of Trade and Industry, 1970-1974

610 Ministry of Production

611 Ministry of Technology

612 Department of Industry

613 Ministry of Civil Aviation

614 Iron and Steel Board

615 Monopolies and Mergers Commission

616 Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Labour and National Service

617 Office of the Umpire

618 Remploy Limited

619 National Dock Labour Board

620 Manpower Services Commission

621 Health and Safety Commission

622 Central Office of the Industrial Tribunals

623 Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service

624 Department of Employment and Productivity and Department of Employment

625 General Post Office

626 Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications

627 Road Board

628 Transport Departments

629 British Transport Commission

630 British Railways Board

631 Transport Tribunal

632 Railway and Canal Commission

633 Railway Rates Tribunal

634 Ministry of Fuel and Power and Ministry of Power

635 Electricity Commission

636 Mines Department

637 Miners' Welfare Committee and Commission and Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation

638 Coal Utilisation Council and Solid Fuel Advisory Service

639 Coal Commission

640 Mining Association of Great Britain

641 National Coal Board

642 Department of Energy

643 British Transport Docks Board

644 Air Transport Licensing Board and Civil Aviation Authority

645 Railways Amalgamation Tribunal

646 Office of Gas Supply (OFGAS)

647 National Bus Company


701 Ministry of Defence

702 Minister for the Coordination of Defence

703 Admiralty

704 War Office

705 Ordnance Office

706 Ministry of Munitions

707 Ministry of Supply

708 Air Ministry

709 Ministry of Aircraft Production

710 Ministry of Aviation

711 Ministry of Aviation Supply

712 Aeronautical Research Council

713 Ministry of Blockade

714 War Trade Department

715 Ministry of Economic Warfare

716 Political Warfare Executive

717 Ministry of National Service

718 Ministry of Home Security

719 Government Communications Establishments

720 Tower of London

721 Combined Operations Headquarters


801 Foreign and Commonwealth Office

802 Foreign Office

803 Colonial Office

804 India Office and Burma Office

805 Dominions Office

806 Commonwealth Relations Office and Commonwealth Office

807 Department of Technical Co-operation

808 Ministry of Overseas Development

809 Crown Agents

810 Imperial Institute and Commonwealth Institute

811 Empire and Colonial Marketing Boards

812 Department of Overseas Trade

813 British Council

814 Captured Enemy Documents

815 Control Office for Germany and Austria

816 Control Commission for Germany (British Element)

817 International Whaling Commission

818 Allied Commission for Austria (British Element)

819 Diplomatic Service Administration Office

820 Government Hospitality Fund


901 Education Departments

902 University Funding Bodies

903 Wallace Collection

904 Royal Fine Art Commission

905 Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts

906 Ancient and Historical Monuments Commissions

907 Festival of Britain Office

908 Department of Scientific and Industrial Research

909 United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority

910 Government Chemist's Department

911 Geological Survey

912 Meteorological Office

913 Office of the Minister for Science

914 Natural Environment Research Council

915 British Museum

916 British Museum (Natural History)

917 National Gallery

918 National Portrait Gallery

919 Tate Gallery

920 Imperial War Museum

921 London Museum

922 The British Library

923 Council for National Academic Awards

924 Museums and Galleries Commission

925 National Council for Educational Technology

926 Department of National Heritage


999 Committees


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